William H. Marshner, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus
Department of Theology


Contact Information:

William H. Marshner, Ph.D.
134 Christendom Dr.
Front Royal, VA 22630


B.A., Gettysburg College
M.A., University of Dallas
S.T.L., S.T.D., Lateran University (John Paul II Institute)

Classes Taught

Phil/Math 353 Symbolic Logic
Phil/Math 354 Modal Logic
Theo. 301 Theologia Moralis Fundamentalis
Theo. 302 Apologetica Catholica
Theo. 305 De Revelatione
Theo 307 De Deo Uno
Theo. 308 De Deo Trino
Theo. 312 De Verbo Incarnato
Theo. 322 Mariologia
Theo. 402 De Ecclesia
Theo. 404 De Sacramentis
Theo. 411 De Gratia
Theo. 412 De Novissimis
Theo. 451 General Councils
Theo 481 History and Nature of Modernism
Theo. 482 Theology of the Public Order
Theo. 501 Theological Problems in Contemporary Philosophy
Theo. 502 Renaissance Latin

Selected Scholarship

  • Books:

    An Anti-Modernist Anthology (Washington, D.C., Catholic University of America Press, 2015)
    Pre-Modern Philosophy Defended by Joseph Kleutgen, S.J. (translator) (Notre Dame, IN, St. Augustine’s Press, 2014)
    Natural Desire and Natural End: A Critical Comparison of Cajetan, Soto, and Bañez (Lateran U. Press, 2014)
    – (with William S. Lind) Cultural Conservatism: Towards a New National Agenda (Washington, D.C.: University Press of America, 1987)
  • Parts of Books:
    “Concept, Judgment, and Dogmatic Relativism” in R.A. Herrera, James Lehrberger, O.Cist., and M.E. Bradford, ed., Saints, Sovereigns, and Scholars. Studies in Honor of Frederick D. Wilhelmsen (New York: Peter Lang, 1993) 231-257
    – “Introduction” to Mark B. Liedl, ed., Issues ‘88: A Platform for America, vol. III, Social Policy (Washington, D.C.: Free Congress Research and Education Foundation, 1988)
    – “Is There a Natural Law?” in Ernest van den Haag, Smashing Liberal Icons: A Collection of Debates (Wash., D.C.: The Heritage Foundation, 1984)
    – “Forward” to Thomas P. Mangieri, Nuclear War, Peace, and Catholicism (Front Royal: Christendom Press, 1983)
    – “The Authenticity of the New Testament,” apud Jeffrey A. Mirus, ed., Reasons for Hope (Rev. edition, Christendom  Press, 1982) 64–68
    – “The Defense of Dogma,” ibid. 156‑176
    – “The Development of Doctrine,” ibid. 177‑196
    – “Justification by Faith,” ibid. 219‑238
    – “Theology of Liberation,” ibid. 239‑249
  • Monographs:
    – Bringing New Teachers to the Classroom
    (Free Congress Foundation Policy Insight #104, Washington, 1989)
    Fixing Our Worst School Districts (Free Congress Foundation Policy Insight #105, Washington, July, 1989)
    The Counterfeits of Transcendence (Cultural Conservative Policy Insights, The Institute for Cultural Conservatism, Washington, D.C., 1988)
    Cultural Conservatism and Transcendent Norms (Cultural Conservative Policy Insights, The Institute for Cultural Conservatism, Washington, D.C., 1988)
    – (with Enrique T. Rueda) The Morality of Political Action (Wash- ington, D.C.: Free Congress Foundation, 1984)
    Law, Morality, and the Hatch Amendment (Washington, D.C.: The National Right to Life Committee, 1982; typescript)
    New Creatures and New Politics (Washington, D.C.: Free Con- gress Research and Education Foundation, 1979; reprin- ted Nashville: Religious Roundtable, 1980)
    HEW Support of In Vitro Fertilization: A Review of the Report of the Ethics Advisory Board (Washington, D.C.: Free Congress Foundation, 1979)
  • Scholarly Articles:
    – “On the Collaboration between Bishops and Theologians,” in Newman’s Idea of a University: The American Response (Papers Presented at the Conference of the Cardinal Newman Society, November, 2001), 21-35
    – “Implausible Diagnosis: A Response to Germain Grisez,” American Journal of Jurisprudence 46 (2001) 91-112
    – “Modal Logic in Transcendental Arguments for God’s Existence,” forthcoming in Faith and Reason
    – “Does Practical Reason Start with ‘Good’ or with ‘Complete Good’?” Faith and Reason 26 (2001) 339-378
    – “Can a Couple Practicing NFP Be Practicing Contraception?” Gregorianum 77 (1996) 677-704
    – “Aquinas on the Evaluation of Human Actions,” The Thomist 59 (1995) 355-378
    – “Tale of Two Beatitudes,” Faith and Reason 17 (1991) 218-233
    – “The Structure of Platonism and the Dogma of the Trinity,”  Faith and Reason 13 (1987) 2‑58
    – “The Immaculate Conception and Recent Ecclesiology: iii. Mary, the Church, and Sinlessness,” Marian Studies 35 (1984) 39‑86
    – “The Immaculate Conception and Recent Ecclesiology: ii. Christo-conformity, Maternity, and Brideship in Mary as Type of the Church,” Marian Studies 34 (1983) 127‑158
    – “Dignitatis humanae and Traditional Teaching on Church and  State,” Faith and Reason 9 (1983) 222‑248
    – “The Immaculate Conception and Recent Ecclesiology: i. Prolegomena,” Marian Studies 33 (1982) 124‑146
    – “Redemption and Preservation,” Faith and Reason 7 (1981)  109‑138
    – “Early Christological Faith: An Ignatian Formula,” Faith and Reason 5 (1979) 3‑11
    – “Critique of Marian Counterfactual Formulae: A Report of Results,” Marian Studies 30 (1979) 108‑139
    – “A Logician’s Reflections on the Debitum Contrahendi Peccatum,” Marian Studies 29 (1978) 134‑187
    – (with J. M. Alonso) “Towards a Relational Theory of Our Lady’s Co‑Redeemership,” Ephemerides Mariologicae 27 (1977) 413‑423
    – “Criteria for Doctrinal Development in the Marian Dogmas: An Essay in Meta-theology,” Marian Studies 28 (1977) 47‑100
    – “Membership in the Church: Fundamental Questions,” Faith and  Reason 2 (1976) 54‑71
  • Semi‑Scholarly Articles:
    – “Episcopal Leaderism: The Bishops’ Role in the Public Order,” Restoration 3 (1988)
    – “The Hatch Amendment: New Hope for a Pro‑Life Strategy,” IDEA 1 (1982) 1‑10
    – “The Vatican Declaration on Procured Abortion,” The Wanderer, June 19, 1975
    – “Metaphysical Personhood and the IUD,” Part I, The Wanderer, October 3, 1974; Part II: “The Problem of Animation,” ibid. October 10, 1974; Part III: “Evolution, Genes, and Emergence,” ibid. November 7, 1974
    – “A Plea for Theological Competence,” The Wanderer, November 8, 1973
    – “Culture, Concept, and Dogma in Avery Dulles,” The Wanderer, December 21, 1972
    – “Politique d’Abord,” Triumph, November, 1972, 11‑15
    – “The Phenomenon of Colored Man,” Triumph, January, 1972
    – “Teilhard’s The Human Sense, Hitherto Unpublished Sections,” Triumph, December, 1971
    – “The Teilhard Papers,” Triumph, November, 1971, 11‑14, 43
    – “Hans Küng Infallible? An Inquiry,” Triumph, June, 1971, 8‑11
    – “The Scripture Game,” Part I: Triumph, April, 1970; Part II: ibid. May, 1970
  • Journalistic Articles:
    67 by‑lined pieces of 1,000 words or more: titles omitted
  • Speeches and Addresses: ca. 200; titles omitted
  • A/V Tapes of Lectures: Available from:
    – Select Religious Recordings Inc., P.O. Box 45, Homewood IL 60430
    – The Australian Family Association, P.O. Box 429, Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia 4006
  • Translations:
    – St. Thomas Aquinas and Thomas de Vio, Card. Cajetan, Summa Theologiae, Prima Pars with Cajetan’s Commentaries: fascicle 1 (qq. 1-13): finished and in search of publisher; fascicle 2 (qq. 14-26): finished and in search of publisher; fascicle 3 (qq. 27-43): finished and in search of publisher; St. Thomas Aquinas and Thomas de Vio, Card. Cajetan, Summa Theologiae, Prima Secundae with Cajetan’s Commentaries: fascicle 1 (qq. 1-5, The Treatise on Happiness): finished and in search of publisher.
    – St. Thomas Aquinas and Thomas de Vio, Card. Cajetan, Summa Theologiae, Secunda Secundae with Cajetan’s Commentaries: fascicle 1 (qq. 1-7, The Treatise on Faith): nearly complete.
    – René Laurentin, Faith and Exegesis: Towards a Reconciliation, English trans. by W. H. Marshner (from the French: Comment réconcilier l’exégèse et la foi [Paris: O.E.I.L., 1984]), originally to be published by the now defunct Franciscan Herald Press; now seeking new publisher.
    – Thomas de Vio, Card. Cajetan, Commentary on St. Thomas Aquinas’ De Ente et Essentia (finished and in search of publisher).
  • Works in Progress:
    – The Uncertain Good, a Layman’s Introduction to Moral
    Theology (10 chapters completed so far)
    On the Implicit, complete ms. of 163 pp.  Ready to publish.
    Demonstrative Syllogisms: Aristotle’s Logic of Explanation, complete ms of 300 pp.  Ready to publish.
    The Debate about Seeing God  (STL and STD theses combined into a book; 400+ pp; ready for publication)
    An Anti-Modernist Anthology (scholarly French articles published 1900-1910 by the finest critics of Loisy, Tyrrell, and other Modernists; first time translated into English)
    – “PM3: A Logic for Tomorrow’s News”. Article ready for publication.
    – “The Vatican II That Might Have Been”: A translation of the draft prepared in 1960-61 by St. Pope John XXIII’s Curia for ratification at the forthcoming Vatican Council. Book in progress.

Professional Affiliations

  • National Association of Scholars
  • Fellowship of Catholic Scholars
  • Am. Catholic Philosophical Association
  • Mariological Society of America (President, 1981 4)
  • Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher