On Saturday, June 27, Christendom alumnus Rev. Mr. Miguel Flores-Perez will be ordained to the priesthood in the Diocese of Austin, Texas. Deacon Flores’ ordination to the priesthood will be Christendom’s third alumni ordination this summer and ninety-fourth alumni ordination since its founding in 1977.

Deacon Flores is a Chaplain Candidate in the Army Reserves and plans to serve as a Catholic Army Chaplain under the Archdiocese for the Military Services after completing several years of pastoral service in the Diocese of Austin.

Growing up in a military family, Deacon Flores lived at military bases both in the states and overseas throughout his life. According to Deacon Flores, he became interested in the priesthood at a young age, seeing the Catholic Military Chaplains serve soldiers and their families. When he started his studies at Christendom in 1998, Deacon Flores’ faith and attraction to the priesthood continued to grow.

In 2001, Deacon Flores decided to enlist in the U.S. Army shortly after the 9/11 terror attacks and ended up serving in the Army for eight and a half years, deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan. After leaving active duty, Deacon Flores completed his theology degree and soon after began his priestly studies at St. Mary’s Seminary in Houston. Deacon Flores was ordained a deacon in May of 2019 and has since served at St. William Catholic Church in Round Rock, Texas.

His priestly ordination comes on the heels of the recent ordinations of Fr. Peter McShurley (’14) in the Diocese of Arlington, and of Fr. David McWhirter for the Fraternity of Saint Peter. In addition, three Christendom alumni were just ordained as deacons in the Diocese of Arlington and are set to be ordained as priests in 2021.

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