Campus Life

Crusader Chamber Orchestra

The Crusader Chamber Orchestra seeks to bring together the most talented classical musicians at Christendom College. The Orchestra may be small, but it is a tight-knit group that loves to have fun inside and outside of rehearsal. Through rehearsals, end-of-semester concerts, and pancake bar fundraisers, the Orchestra aims to provide students with the opportunity to use and develop their musical talents. Working as a team, the group builds an exciting new repertoire each semester. Pieces range from full orchestra to winds-only and strings-only; the Orchestra also loves to feature its most experienced players, and to partner with other talented students or community members.

The Orchestra welcomes prospective members to shadow our weekly rehearsals, and to check out videos from past concerts. As the Orchestra grows, it continues to build its presence on campus and to promote the fine arts at Christendom. We hope to see you at our next concert!