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Student Activities & Clubs

Student Activities Council

The Christendom College Student Activities Council (SAC) coordinates and executes quality social, recreational, intellectual, and religious activities for the benefit of the Christendom College Student Body. SAC consists of 35 members, including the class officers, and they coordinate and execute college activities and events on a weekly basis. Events include dances, dinners, talent shows, live music events, movie nights, and many other activities. SAC always welcomes student volunteers to help set up or take down events.  

Groups and Organizations

  • Chester­ Belloc Debate Society
    The Debate Society exists to provide students with the opportunity to sharpen their intellectual wit and provide practice in extemporaneous speaking. The Debate Society meets numerous times throughout each semester and all members of the student body are invited to participate.
  • Choir
    Men’s and women’s choir which sings for Sunday and feast day Masses on campus. The choir sings sacred polyphony by such noted masters as Palestrina, Victoria, and Josquin des Prez. Occasionally the group gives performances off campus.
  • The Christendom Players 
    Begun by the late Christendom College English Professor Dr. Patrick Keats, the Players put on a variety of plays and musicals – one in the fall and one in the spring. All students are invited to audition for the plays and others are encouraged to use their talents in helping with set design, makeup, costumes, and music.
  • Holy Rood Guild
    This group of women students cleans the Chapel of Christ the King on the Christendom campus six days a week with a deep clean every Saturday morning. Holy Rood also cares for the vestments and altar linens used in the Chapel, and coordinates displays and decorations for religious celebrations.
  • Legion of Mary
    The Legion of Mary is a worldwide organization of the lay apostolate founded nearly a hundred years ago. Students in the Legion seek to take the light of faith which they receive at Christendom to the wider world. They do so by accepting a routine of prayer and apostolic works, thus deepening their faith while bringing it to others. Works are some form of evangelization such as bringing the Pilgrim Virgin Statue to homes and dorms, enthroning dorm rooms to the Sacred Heart, and going door to door in the Front Royal area. Please contact Sam Sproule with any questions.
  • National Classics Honorary Society ΗΣΦ
    Read more about the national society here: https://www.etasigmaphi.org/.
    Its purposes are (from the national Constitution):
    1. To develop and promote interest in classical study among the students of colleges and universities.
    2. To promote closer relationships among students who are interested in classical study, including inter-campus relationships.
    3. To engage generally in an effort to stimulate interest in classical study, and in the languages, literature, history, and art of ancient Greece and Rome.
  • Red Cross Blood Drives
    Help end the national blood shortage by giving blood at Crusader Gymnasium once a semester. For more information, please contact Marilyn Charba at marilyn.charba@christendom.edu
  • Schola Gregoriana
    The Schola Gregoriana assists in the College community’s worship in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass by chanting the traditional propers. This all­male group thus beautifies the weekly Sunday Mass, helping to elevate the hearts of the Faithful to interior participation in the Holy Sacrifice. The group also chants the propers for the high feasts celebrated during the school year as well as at the graduation Mass.


  • Alexander Hamilton Society
    Please contact Charles Wyckoff with any questions.
  • Christ’s Cross Boxing Club
    Christ Cross Boxing Club is a club sport through which any Christendom man can come and learn the sport, training from beginner to advanced. Christ Cross Boxing Club aims to foster a love of boxing and an intense team atmosphere; this being achieved through training, working out, and sparring with one another.
  • College Republicans
    This club seeks to advance the Republican Platform and the conservative values which are held dear to our great nation, party, and student body. Please contact Ann Chavez with any questions.
  • Colorful Minds Art Club
    The Colorful Minds Art Club is devoted to the inspiration of all students. The club is focused on cultivating fellowship and talent, as well as introducing new mediums and styles to its members. It also seeks to display student work around the campus.
  • Crusader Chamber Orchestra
    The Crusader Chamber Orchestra allows students to exercise and develop their musical talents through regular rehearsals and concerts. Repertoire ranges from music for full orchestra to winds-only and strings-only compositions. All prospective members are welcome to join. Please contact Meaghan Pierce with any questions. Find out more here!
  • Crusader Shogi Club
    The Shogi Club hosts shogi games regularly for students and faculty to casually play against each other, as well as tournaments for students to compete for prizes. The club offers instruction for students who are unfamiliar with the games. Please contact Bayley Byers with any questions.
  • Flag Football Club
    The Flag Football Club exists to provide more opportunities for the men of Christendom College to play flag football. This club provides a competitive sport to build athletic comradery amongst the Christendom community. Please contact Alex Evans with any questions.
  • Hiking Club
    The Christendom Hiking Club hikes every other week, learns outdoor survival skills, and plans to start camping trips and spiritual retreats as well. Please contact Charlie Koach for more info.
  • Metanoia
    Please contact Sam Schirra with any questions or submissions.
  • Network of Enlightened Women
    Please contact Elaine Gunthorpe with any questions.
  • Sacred Grounds Coffee Shop
    Thanks to student initiative, the campus coffee shop functions purely by the dedication of student volunteers. Sacred Grounds is located in the basement of St. John the Evangelist Library. Student volunteers learn how to supervise, work on a team, budget, take inventory, and gain many other skills that would prove beneficial to a resume. Please contact Clare Williams with any questions.
  • Shield of Roses
    Following 7:30am Mass on Saturday, students travel to pray in front of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. They normally return to the College in time for the mid­day meal. Once a semester, the Shield of Roses leaders organize a “Mega Shield” event where they try and encourage the entire student body to take part in the prayerful protest. Please contact Ceci McFadden, president of Crusaders for Life, with any questions.
  • Swim Club
    The Swim Club provides a swim program that encourages the development of our God-given talents through a strong work ethic, discipline, and self-motivation while improving our mental and cardiovascular health in a Christ-centered team environment. Please contact Meg Williamson with any questions.
  • Swing ‘n’ Sundaes Club
    Swing ‘n’ Sundaes is an opportunity to learn swing dance lessons from upperclassmen and many other experienced dancers on campus. Several times each semester, Swing ‘n’ Sundaes hosts the dance lessons and offers free ice cream sundaes for all those who participate. Please contact TJ Yee with any questions.
  • Tennis Club 
    The Tennis Club is dedicated to giving athletic students the opportunity to compete and learn with each other the simple and enjoyable sport on our very own tennis courts. Please contact Paul Aguilar with any questions.
  • Inkspots & Inkwells
    Professional writers and editors present workshops on various aspects of writing fiction. Workshop topics include genres, plot structure, crafting dynamic characters, research, editing, etc. Please contact Madeline or Helen Davis with any questions.

But Wait! There’s More: New Initiatives 

Each year new clubs & organizations are formed by students with different interests. If you are interested in starting a new club, contact the Director of Student Activities, Marilyn Charba, at marilyn.charba@christendom.edu.