Campus Life

Leadership Opportunities

Tomorrow’s leaders are being formed on our campus today.

Christendom College students are not content with the status quo. They want to change the culture and make it more Christocentric. The education and formation they receive arms them with the tools they need to be change-makers and leaders in today’s society and in tomorrow’s world.

The College provides many opportunities for students to acquire necessary leadership skills and develop a well-rounded, broad worldview. To give students the chance to grow in responsibility and strengthen their character, students are offered the opportunity to take on a variety of leadership roles on campus:

  • Student Life Office Resident Assistant
  • Admissions Office Student Ambassador
  • Student Activities Council Member
  • Presidential Advisory Committee Member
  • Marketing Office Interns
  • On-Campus Employee
  • Extra-curricular Club Leaders
  • Athletic Team Leaders and Captains

To help today’s Christendom students become tomorrow’s leaders, the College has robust and successful Career Development services, as well as a dedicated Career Development Team, which both work together to giving immeasurable help and confidence to students:

  • Internships (Journalism, Political, Fundraising, Teaching, etc.)
  • Career and Vocations Fairs
  • Resume/Cover Letter Writing and Interview Prep
  • Career Exploration and Guidance
  • Graduate School Assistance and Test Prep
  • Alumni Networking Opportunities

To help students become as well-rounded as possible so that they can be effective lay leaders, the College promotes a number of diverse campus groups, activities, clubs, and societies.

  • Religious (Legion of Mary)
  • Pro-Life (Students for Life, Shield of Roses)
  • Political (College Political Action League)
  • Intellectual (The Cincinnatus League)
  • Public-speaking (Chester-Belloc Debate Society)
  • Acting (The Christendom Players, Mystery Dinner Theater)
  • Social (Swing Dance Club)
  • Service (Holy Rood Guild, Outreach)
  • Recreational (Equestrian Program, Shogi Club)
  • Music (Christendom Choir, Schola Gregoriana)
Students are encouraged to think and act globally while expanding their cultural horizons during their Junior Semester Abroad in Rome:
  • Live within a 30 minute walk of the Vatican
  • Attend daily Mass and Papal audiences at St. Peter’s
  • Explore Rome, Florence, Assisi, and Siena
  • Study the Italian language and experience the culture

These opportunities enrich our education. As students raise the intellect in a search for Truth and enkindle the heart in a search for Christ, they are given the opportunity to put their knowledge and love to the test. The leadership opportunities provided enable them to succeed and become active players in the New Evangelization.