Campus Life


A stronghold is a group of men or women who come together under a common call to support each other’s spiritual growth through prayer, service, commitment, and friendship.

We encourage students to form Strongholds to uplift and encourage one another during their time at Christendom.

A commitment to a particular devotion, spiritual practice, or virtue is what defines and distinguishes a Stronghold. Members are asked to go through a period of discernment to discover their shared Common Call.

Let’s Get Started!

  1. Gather: Meet with a group of men or women who share an interest in committing to a Stronghold.
  2. Common Call: Discuss and pray about a particular devotion, spiritual practice, or virtue that will define your Stronghold’s Common Call.
  3. Organize: Set a regular meeting time and decide on your shared communal prayer or spiritual devotion. Choose a Stronghold Leader if you haven’t done so.
  4. Commit: Your Stronghold Leader should share the Common Call and a roster of Stronghold members with Student Life. Once this step is completed, the Stronghold is official and can apply for funds and other formation resources.

For more information, check out the Stronghold Guide.

If you are interested in forming a Stronghold of your own, please fill out this Stronghold Agreement with your group and submit to Student Life. The Student Life staff are always available to guide you, reach out to Mr. Judge or Mrs. Plasberg with any questions.