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The Christendom Transportation Department offers shuttle service to Dulles International Airport and the Vienna Metro Station for students at established, advertised shuttle times (see menu below).

    • Requests outside of these set shuttle times cannot be accommodated by the Christendom shuttle service.
    • All shuttle requests must be submitted three weeks prior to arrival or departure.
    • We will send an email within 5 days of a student’s arrival, confirming the time and place of the van pick-up, and the driver’s name and cell phone number.
    • Arrivals—The pick-up location at Dulles Airport is Arrival Door #6. The pick-up location at Vienna Metro Station is the “South Side Kiss-and-Ride”.
    • Departures–All shuttles will depart from the St. Lawrence Commons on Christendom College campus 1 hour and 30 minutes before the advertised arrival time at Dulles Airport or the Vienna Metro Station.
    • Travel time is only an estimate and can take longer or shorter depending on traffic.  The Transportation Department allots extra time for all shuttle services, but cannot promise that shuttles will arrive at the specific time given the potential variables.

Urgent Situations

      • College Delay: If the college must delay a shuttle due to inclement weather, a staff member from the Transportation Office will contact all students scheduled for shuttles on their cellphones. For this reason, the Transportation Office requires that all students using shuttle service submit their cellphone numbers when requesting a shuttle.
      • Student Flight Delay: Should a student’s flight be delayed, please call the Transportation Office phone number at 540-551-9170. Christendom Transportation cannot promise that they will be able to provide shuttle service for all delayed flights, but will do its best to provide adequate service.


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    Graduate School Masters Program Transportation Form

    College shuttles will be waiting at Dulles Airport/Vienna Metro Stations at the following times. Please note: All times are in EST. Please select your time for pick-up.

    Saturday, June 25; Sunday June 26

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    Dulles International AirportVienna Metro Stop

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    Master's Program Departure from Campus

    College shuttles will depart Christendom's campus at the following times. Estimated travel time is 1.5 hours to Dulles Airport; 2 hours to Vienna Metro Station. Shuttles drop off at Dulles before continuing to Vienna. Please Select Your Departure Date & Time from the drop-down menu below. Please note: All times are in EST.

    Friday, August 5 or Saturday, August 6

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    Dulles International AirportVienna Metro Stop

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