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Thank you for visiting the Christendom College Student Life Orientation page!

This page has been designed to assist you as you prepare for your transition to Christendom. You will be able to view information and forms contained in the Orientation Guide which was sent to your home. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments by filling out the form below. Our Student Life Assistants will do their best to answer your questions and assist you with your preparations. We hope this page is informative and helpful as you embark on your journey at Christendom College! We look forward to meeting you in August.

God Bless!


Student Life (studentlife@christendom.edu)

Before You Arrive

Be sure that you have read the entire Orientation Packet sent to you in the mail and that you have completed and returned all necessary forms.

You can download the orientation packet and/or its forms individually by clicking on the links below.

Orientation Schedule

Orientation Guide

Sports and Physical Activity Waiver Form
Health Insurance Information/Waiver Form
Athletic Department New Student Questionnaire
Roommate Questionnaire
Health and Physical Exam Form
Immunization Waiver Form
Orientation Dinner RSVP

Vehicle Registration Form
Airport Arrival Information Form
Apparel Order Form
Sample Grammar Test

More Info

Christendom College Student Handbook

The Christendom College Student Handbook is a document which contains policies, resources and general information about being a student at Christendom College. The Student Handbook aids the student in understanding the environment of the College and personal conduct expectations in the areas of Academic and Student Life. Furthermore, the Student Handbook will answer many questions you may have ranging from residence life to student organizations to Mass and meal times. Before you arrive at Christendom, we ask that you read the Student Handbook in its entirety.

Read or download the handbook here!

Student Airport Transportation Website

The Operations Department at Christendom College has a website which further explains the airport transportation offered at Christendom College.

The website contains all policies, regulations and pre-scheduled transportation dates and times. It is important that before booking air or train transportation for any College breaks, you first check this website.

Please note, this website has additional information and updates not listed in the flyer recently sent to your home.


Housing and Residence Hall

What if I want to arrive before 10:00 a.m. on Move-In Day? 
You may come to campus prior to 10:00 a.m. but please know that our student Welcoming Committee volunteers and staff will not be available to assist you with moving in, answering questions, and welcoming you until 10:00 a.m. We would really like to give you a warm Christendom welcome and therefore ask that you wait until 10:00 a.m. for arrival if possible.

What are the amenities in my room? 
Each student will be provided one twin bed, one closet space, one drawer set, one desk, and one desk chair. You should bring any thing you feel you need beyond the above items. Please remember:

  • That residence hall rooms are well-sized, but remember that space is limited! Don’t over pack and consult with your roommate to see if you can share some items (floor lamps, refrigerators, etc.) to conserve space.
  • There is no on-campus storage.

How will I get a key for my room? 
Upon your arrival and registration, you will have the opportunity to request a residence hall room key. This key will be specifically for your room. If you would like a key, there is a $25 deposit that is returned to you at the end of the academic year when the key is returned to Operations. This $25 fee can be paid in cash or can be added to your bill at the time the key request it made. For security purposes and in your best interest as a roommate, if a key request is made by your roommate, you will automatically receive a key and the $25 fee will be added to your College bill. Since you will be informed of who your roommate is prior to your move to campus, Operations encourages you to discuss the subject of keys with your roommate prior to your arrival on campus. Please do not request keys at this time, but do discuss this with your roommate when the time comes.

How & when will I find out who my roommate is & which residence hall I will be living in? 
This information will be sent to you via your christendom.edu email account between August 1st and August 10th. In that email you will also receive the door code for your residence hall. The door code is necessary in order for you to open the outside door of the residence hall and access your room. Please note that email is the only means used to communicate this information. If you have questions about your housing assignment, we ask that you contact Student Life after August 10th via email at studentlife@christendom.edu.

What if I don’t get along with my roommate or want to change housing assignments? 
We are committed to creating a positive housing experience for all of our students. We understand that it can be difficult to adjust to a new person as a roommate. First, we ask you to wait until you physically meet the person before making any judgment – as the old saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover (or as the new saying goes, don’t judge someone by their facebook profile)   . If you need assistance in this area, our Resident Assistants are there to help you with any housing or roommate questions or concerns you have. They have strategies for facilitating charitable discussions between you and your roommate and can help you with most concerns regarding this situation. You may consult them at any time and also expect that they will be around the halls in order to get to know you and see how you and your roommate are doing. Should you need a complete change in housing, you will need to consult the Associate Dean of Student Life and moves may be possible only after the first two weeks of the academic year.

Christendom College and the Town of Front Royal

How far is Christendom College from town and what if I need to get to town for something? 
Christendom College is about 4 miles from the center of Front Royal, Virginia. We encourage you to explore the area via the web prior to your arrival. Click here for the local Chamber of Commerce website. The College offers multiple town runs each week. The College will have a van that stops at various places like the grocery store, local banks, Walmart, etc., where students can stop and pick up things that they need. Once you arrive on campus, you will see signs for the town runs and corresponding departure times and locations.

How do I get to the doctor’s office? 
Students are highly encouraged to locate local personal health practitioners and establish a relationship with them prior to their arrival on campus. If a situation occurs where a student needs to go to the doctor, the student is expected to arrange transportation via a local taxi or by asking a friend who has a car to take them. The College does not provide transportation to personal appointments. In the case of an emergency, an ambulance will be called.

General Student Life Questions

What is the Student Handbook and how do I view it before I come to Christendom College? 
The Student Handbook conveys College policies, provisos and important College information to the student. Each student should thoroughly read the Student Handbook so they know and understand College policies. Beginning August 1st, the Student Handbook can be viewed online.

When my parents bring me to campus, how long do they have to stay or how long are they allowed to stay? 
During the FALL Orientation Weekend there is a parent orientation session and a faculty, staff and parent reception . Both of these events are just for parents. The parent orientation session is geared at helping parents to understand the College’s culture and resources for their student. The faculty, staff and parent reception allows the parents to meet the faculty and staff of Christendom College. All other orientation sessions are just for new students. While parents are free to stay locally over the weekend, parents should know that the students will be very busy all day and all evening with orientation events and settling in. The first few days of orientation are crucial for new students as they get to know their classmates and fellow College colleagues. The College highly encourages all new students to be fully engaged in the Orientation events of the weekend.

Your Student ID and Student Email

What about my student ID number and my email address?
Your student ID number has been sent to you in the letter personally addressed to you as a part of the Orientation Guide. You can locate it on the second page of this letter. If you didn’t put it on your health form don’t worry, we will fill it in for you. Your christendom.edu email will be sent to your personal email account by June 30th. Your email is automatically configured to forward all mail sent to your christendom.edu account to the personal email account that you provided the Admissions Office.

Academics FAQs

When will I know my class schedule? 
During Orientation, you will be assigned an academic advisor, meet him/her, register for classes and receive your class schedule. This process is built into the Orientation program and will be listed on the final Orientation schedule, given to you upon your arrival at the College.

  • The Registrar will be contacting you during the summer before you come to Christendom to see if you have preferences for your elective courses or professors. If you choose to respond, he will do his best to reflect your preferences in your course schedule for the fall.

What about a book list and how do I buy my books? 
The on-line bookstore is a new system for ordering all required and recommended books. On the bookstore website, you will be able to select a course, choose the professor teaching the course, and then buy both the required and recommended books for that course.

Please note that there is no longer any place on campus to purchase textbooks. Textbooks may be purchased through the on-line bookstore or from any other seller. When buying from other sellers, students should search for books using the ISBN indicated on the bookstore page. Students are responsible for obtaining all required books by the first day of class, and they are strongly encouraged to have the books delivered to their homes before coming to campus in the fall.

Please send questions and comments to bookstore@christendom.edu.

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